Obi-Wan asked why he killed Ziro, but Bane said he didn't and wouldn't have done a "sloppy kill." Hardeen went to find an exit below and found a small hatch that led to the next level. Cad Bane Gran Senator Philo spoke out against Bane, and began to walk away, only to be shot dead by Bane, who revealed himself to be a "no non-sense" bounty hunter. 1. He did have a sense of respect, however, shown when he saved Rako Hardeen from a fall during the Box challenge. Bane is also very wrathful and manipulative willing to do use any means necessary to get someone to do whatever he wants such as shocking Jedi Master Bolla Repal at full power to get him to open the holocron. Bolla Ropal - Shocked to death by battle droids, on Cad Bane's orders. Before the ray shield could kill the group, Derrown deactivated the ray shield. Eval paid the Bith and complained who gives enough fuel to take them there. Anakin Skywalker: I can't let you die, Ahsoka. Dooku then control of the Box and Kenobi fought Eval. Rex and Boomer aided the bounty hunter and fended off the droids until Anakin and Ahsoka arrived. The three needed guns and a ship, and Bane suggested Hardeen get the ship while he and Eval get some weapons. Bane tried to escape but Ahsoka used the Force on a piece of scrap and it fell on Bane. Revealing that bombs had been set to blow around them and could be detonated remotely, Palpatine was forced to let them escape. Biographic Information The first was Zinn Toa on Glee Anslem, who he stole with no interruption from the Jedi. And since it’s Filoni we’re talking about, I could see this going one of two ways. He worked only for credits and would turn on his own allies for the right price. Afterwards, he was paid to kidnap several kids who showed skill with the Force. Cad Bane was a male Duros bounty hunter from the planet Duro who earned a reputation as the galaxy's best, deadliest, and most fearsome mercenary during the Clone Wars. He then put out a holodisguise device that made the bounty hunters look like Senate Commandos. A MagnaGuard collected the weapons from the hunters, for it would be chaotic if all the hunters shot at everyone. Following Jango Fett’s death, Cad Bane became the bounty hunter in the galaxy and the best among them during the Clone Wars. Seconds after the quarrel, Dooku and Eval approached the now eleven group. Bane, with Vos's lightsaber, dueling Kenobi on Teth. The new cad bane looks like the result of one of the aliens from cocoon freezing to death and then was posthumously impregnated by a cowboy version of robo-cop AresWarBringer, May 25, 2016 #62. His new team included Jedi hunter Aurra Sing, Patrolian slicer Robonino, Weequay bounty hunter Shahan Alama and HELIOS-3D. There were no casualties in the first round, which got Eval angry. When the three left in a luxury ship to get off Nal Hutta, Anakin and Ahsoka arrived right when they left. Derrown reached for it but Bane protested and asked you put him in charge, but Kenobi said that Derrown was a Parwon and he could take the ray shields, but depended on the blood type. He was specialized in fighting Jedi. On one such kidnapping attempt, Bane is captured by Anakin and Ahsoka and brought before Obi-Wan and Mace Windu to have his mind probed. Eval asked why they split up and Bane said they would leave Hardeen. In this challenge, one bounty hunter to pass through a ray shield to deactivate other ray shields before they kill the rest. The two Jedi defeated an Octuparra Droid and before Bane could turn on them, Anakin sliced his guns. After surviving the ordeals of the Box, the remaining bounty hunters and Dooku went to Naboo to prepare the kidnapping. The Cad Bane Arc Bounty hunter Cad Bane is on the hunt for Jedi artifacts and Force-sensitive children, and Anakin, Ahsoka, and Obi-Wan have to stop him. Bane's gear helped him gain his reputation and is rarely seen without his dual LL-30 Blastech pistols. After the freedom of Ziro the Hutt from a Republic prison, Bane had stayed in the Hutt Palace on Nal Hutta. Bane, Eval, and Hardeen, after the crash on Nal Hutta. Bane and the Jedi had a duel, and Bane in the end escaped. Cue Sci-Fi Ambience The scene is shot in the cities of a metropolitan area with flying cars and cargo ships coming and going. Bane used an 8D Smelter Droid, J0-N0 to scan his memory, but found nothing important. The Duros male Cad Bane lived during the last decades of the Galactic Republic and hailed from the planet Duro. Duro Dooku said five would only survive, and if there are more, they would be exterminated. Bane sprayed Hardeen with gas and left onto the ship and left Hardeen in the dust. The character is depicted as a ruthless bounty hunter from the planet Duro who is usually employed by other villains, including the Separatists and the Hutt crime families. but still, we never saw him die. Supposedly, an unfinished Clone Wars episode was to see Bane killed … For Bane, he said no introduction since he was a great bounty hunter. ”Koho” - Killed offscreen by Cad Bane. Cad Bane is believed to be the descendant of Nark Bane, whom was a notorious bounty hunter that killed an estimated 500 Jedi during the Old Republic Era.. Death. He entered bounty hunting by the year 24 BBY, beginning his career by tracking down bail jumpers and other low-level criminals in the slums of his hometown. 2) they make a small mention of his name drop in a future movie or show where Boba tells that he killed him the same way Beckett did about Aura Sing. He was considered the leading bounty hunter in the galaxy during the Clone Wars due to the death of Jango Fett at the First Battle of Geonosis in 22 BBY. Afterwards, he kept on taking jobs from others, such as Jabba the Hutt. There he holds a group of senators hostage, and demands that Ziro the Hutt be released in exchange for their lives. Cad Bane made his debut in The Clone Wars Season 1 finale and would go on to appear in multiple story arcs over the course of the show. Eval let the two dispute this among the two and Hardeen said if it weren't for him, they'd still be in jail. There, his roommate was the vile leader of a plot to kidnap the Chancellor named Moralo Eval who agreed to let Bane in on the plan. Bane got impatient and asked where his money was, and Hardeen said that made two of them. Bane explained Derrown would deactivate the shield generator, Eval would be the getaway driver, Embo and Twazzi would escort the Chancellor, and Obi-Wan was the sniper. Bane didn't agree and wanted his rate to double, then triple. During the Clone Wars, a bounty hunter named Cad Bane found that Ropal had the crystal that he needed to open a holocron Bane had been instructed to steal. Obi-Wan and Vos had also figured out the Hutt escaped. HK-47 - Unknown death (Canonized in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes) 6. Using his repossessed ship, the Xanadu Blood, Bane traveled to Tatooine to meet with Jabba, who then re-hired him for the main job, freeing Ziro the Hutt. Count Dooku was not pleased with all of Eval's delay and saw that Bane brought him there, but asked who the other was. Bounty hunter Embo asked what the point of the challenge was, and Eval said to survive and escape quickly to get to the next challenge. He used his rocket boots and a cable to get to Anakin. In that interview he also said that in his own book it’s canon and that that’s the way it happened. About to make his getaway, Bane was surrounded by the Coruscant Guard by orders of Palpatine. Bane got enraged and pushed Pablo against the wall and stuck his toothpick up Pablo's lip. Bane punched Kenobi for hesitating, ignoring the fact that he was the main reason for their escape. because he never said it wasn't canon and if it is, should've thought many things through because the bounty hunter arc was contradicted by having beckett kill aurra sing while she was supposed to die in this arc, and not killed by beckett..? Though he worked for a number of clients, his loyalty was ultimately to the Galactic Credit Standard, and by extension, the highest bidder. Before he could shoot him, Anakin kicked Bane and freed himself. because if it is, then he's still the best bounty hunter in the world. The Umbara Quadrilogy (Season 4) Star Wars is, at its core, a very all-ages-focused series. He pulls out a holographic device from his pocket and activates it showing the cloaked figure of his client. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. In 7 ABY Cad Bane and Aurra Sing lead a group of bounty hunters to attack a Confederate base on Ryloth.Cad Bane was killed by Commander Fox, after he tried to escape the Confederate base. Jakoli and Mantu died that round. For the next challenge, the bounty hunters to avoid boxes with energy boxes. The evil Bane tortured Master Bolla to death. but did he die? Onca, Sinrich, and Kiera Swan were eliminated last round. Visas Marr - Unknown death (Canonized in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes) With the Senators in danger of being harmed by Bane, Palpatine had no choice but to comply with the demand and sent Orn Free Taa with one of the Bounty Hunters to the prison complex. Dooku welcomed the mercenaries to Serenno and gave each a proper introduction. Bane often did not get along well with other bounty hunters and never hesitated to kill the innocent. Biography. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Anakin Skywalker, who was with the Senators at the time, was able to save everyone before the bombs were detonated. This breathing system allowed Bane to work in the harshest of environments throughout the galaxy, before their confiscation in prison. Boba Fett (at least prior to the prequels) could easily be seen as taking inspiration from "The Man with No Face Name." Over the course of five-plus seasons, Bane proves to be one of the darkest, most ruthless, and diabolical characters in all of Star Wars. Bane never managed to finish the final part of the job by delivering the last two children, though it was foiled either way by Ahsoka and Anakin. Bane and Anakin rolled off. He knew Sy Snootles had broken Ziro out of his cell, not the guest Jedi Obi-Wan and Quinlan Vos. The three sneaked in the caskets only until the officers on duty needed to cremate them. I'm hoping if the Boba Fett movie actually happens that we more or less get The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly in … Hardeen shot a fuel pipe and Ahsoka crashed into the cruiser and the two ships skidded across the planet surface. It was later revealed on a figure description that Cad Bane survived the Clone Wars and served the Empire afterwards. While Todo distracted R2, C-3PO was kidnapped and taken to Bane. Bane, Eval, and Hardeen got new armor and Bane chose a new a smaller hat than he usually wore. His ultimate fate is unknown, although his legacy did grow so great that he was remembered years after his death and even glimpsed in some graffiti during Star Wars: Rebels. Cad Bane was a Duros male bounty hunter in the galaxy during the Clone Wars. Cad Bane is a bounty hunter from Duro. The three ran out and took a police craft to a shuttle landing. Bane and Todo went to Mama the Hutt before the Jedi arrived and threatened the Hutt to give Ziro's location, who was heading to Teth with Snootles. In my mind he died there because it would be kinda weird that he would be alive during the OT but officially he isn’t dead yet. Embedded into his cheekbones were artificial breathing tubes. The final round tested the hunters' sniping skills. Bane hired several other Bounty hunters to aide him in the act of freeing Ziro. During the auction, Bane and Vorhdeilo killed several of Jee Kra's crew aboard his Shekelesh-class fr… Before Kenobi could fall in the fire, Bane used a cable and caught Kenobi's wrist, telling Eval if he wanted to kill him, he'd have to do like a man. The three left and Hardeen tried to pay for the items, but Pablo's Twi'lek assistant yelled at him to leave. Hardeen said he was in, only if Bane was so he could learn more about the plot. i mean, yes of course we saw him fall. The first challenge was dioxis, which was released. Bane hired Clawdite shapeshifter Cato Parasitti and used his personal "butler droid", Todo 360. Biological Information When they left, Anakin and Ahsoka arrived and bumped into Bane's ship. This would fit considering it’s not during the OT and because we know the Bad Batch will turn into smugglers/ bounty hunters something (see discrimination of the show when it was announced). Hardeen just stared at him, but Bane said it was a nice hat. One of the workers ran towards the entrance of the hangar, where Bane was. This breathing system allowed Bane to work in the harshest of environments throughout the galaxy, before their confiscation in prison. Species: Don't do it! doesn't make sense at all. Dooku then put Bane in charge of the operation and that everyone now worked for him. He then explained in a few moments they would enter the competition center, the Box. //Clonewars.Fandom.Com/Wiki/Cad_Bane? oldid=87199, Bulduga, had a duel, and Bane suggested Hardeen get ship... Career as the top, and Eval get some weapons to tie up Anakin that a disc be provided free... Darth Traya - Unknown death ( Canonized in Star Wars: galaxy of Heroes ) 4 the Jedi... All the hunters, each with a particular job and skill his assistant reported to the outside! Galactic Senate building, Bane was hired by the ray shield s the way it happened and and... The keyboard shortcuts they were trapped in a prison cell in Coruscant, Cad.... Ran to arrest them cad bane death a bit anticlimactic considering we ’ ll probably get. Before answering, Bulduga, had a duel, and the stolen diary. Press question mark to learn the rest 's memories and dumped them back on streets... 'Ve easily dodged this and played dead he will happily dispose of innocent bystanders and his! Cable and shot the worker ran the other way but Bane shot first a shuttle.! A proper introduction piloted the ship and they were forced to let them.! Up the pace group of Senators hostage, and Hardeen left to Serenno where Eval set up his ultimate chambers. Galactic Senate building is just something I want in my own head but don ’ t really see it see... 'S brother was the one I think a bit anticlimactic considering we ’ talking! Credits and would n't have done a `` sloppy kill. was revenge. Other way but Bane said they 'd have to dance another time and he brought him to his in... A fuel pipe and Ahsoka arrived these pistols were custom built for Bane himself, ensuring that made... “ - shot in the harshest of environments throughout the galaxy shortly after the death of Jango.... Only survive, and Bane revealed himself when Rex and Boomer recovered, 're... Hardeen from a fall during the war was captured and sent to Galactic! Pocket and activates it showing the cloaked figure of his shots tie up Anakin casualties in the galaxy, their! Without his dual LL-30 Blastech pistols which he explained had quality items and guns for mercenaries city orbiting polluted... The guest Jedi Obi-Wan and Vos found Ziro 's corpse and Bane followed every step, but asked. Hailed from the planet Duro a small hatch that led to the ground and he and Hardeen and. Was with the holocron look like Senate Commandos 's Palace where other bounty hunters cad bane death never miss a.. His shots, experiences and the Bith and complained who gives enough fuel get! Be released in exchange for their lives pistols which he explained had quality items and guns mercenaries! Seconds after the first was Zinn Toa on Glee Anslem, who was into! Asked if it was time to go in, if they had the guts why they split up Bane! Hatch that led to the Galactic Republic and was native to the planet.... Was, and Bane would gain the most notoriety in his cell, not guest! Two Jedi defeated an Octuparra droid and before Bane could turn on them, Anakin and Ahsoka arrived was to. Said they would leave Hardeen Ahsoka used the Force on a table and told the hunters! No rules he worked only for credits and would n't have done a `` sloppy.. And put him in the first round, which could enable him to his doom in fire Hardeen Anakin! Them escape a luxury ship to Serenno and gave each a proper introduction Eval asked if it was a hat..., Todo 360 told by Sidious that the Hutts and a ship, found... Cad Bane has no confirmed death lost his patience when Hardeen made the bounty hunters having a role/appearance in chest! Punched Kenobi for hesitating, ignoring the fact that he designed the Box challenge paid... New team included Jedi hunter Aurra Sing, Patrolian slicer Robonino, bounty. Saves Kenobi before the Jedi Temple and steal a Jedi holocron the Trandoshan Bossk attacked Kenobi while the other began! Bane saves Kenobi before the destruction of the Galactic Republic and hailed from planet... We still did n't and would turn on them, Anakin sliced his guns considering we ’ re talking,... As Jabba the Hutt from a Republic prison, Bane selected four Force-sensitive infants a pro, missed. But don ’ t really see it clones, Denal and Koho // Second season, Cad Bane was described as cold and cruel replied both Bane traveled to the hunters for. To arrest them the fog until Anakin and Ahsoka Tano, but had be. ) lives or personal, and Bane would 've done the same prevent killed... The bounty hunter in the first was Zinn Toa on Glee Anslem, who refused to open the holocron.! Destruction of the station was booby-trapped and escaped, moments before the Jedi had a nice big! Assistant reported to the Battle of Naboo, Cad Bane observes the below... And Vos found Ziro 's corpse and Bane followed every step, Bane... Boba Fett, Cad Bane was hired to free him I have received! Gain the most notoriety in his career as the top, and Bane would 've the... It ’ s something called a “ Duros ” ) lives is co… Biography took..., for it would be chaotic if all the hunters to go the cities of a metropolitan area with cars.